2×4 Cat


Abstract Game

Abstract Plate

Abstract Tile

Ancient Man

Ancient Pot Person


Backwards Facing Deer

Baker with Turquoise Vest

Ball of Rubber Bands

Banana with Metal Hat

Be Aware Sign

Bear with Santa Hat

Beige, Grey and Pink Textured Bowl with Openings

Bell Mouth Monkey

Big Nosed Glass Creature

Birch Frog

Bird Creamer

Bird-like Animal

Black and Blue Vase

Black and Colors Pipe

Black and White Bowl with Blue Interior

Black and White Bull

Black and White Container

Black Bird Pie Checker

Black Ceramic Box with Lid

Black Ceramic Octopus Spider

Black Ceramic Skunk

Black Horse

Black Pluto Ornament

Black Snake

Black Vase with White Drips

Black Wolf Dog With Golden Eyes

Blue and Black Bowl

Blue and White Box

Blue and White Gravy Dish

Blue and White Tray

Blue and White Vase

Blue and White Womanly Vase

Blue Ceramic Box

Blue Coil Pot with Turquoise Interior

Blue Dripping Pitcher

Blue Flecked Lady Spoonholder

Blue Hard Cat

Blue Hippo

Blue Metal Guitar

Blue Pitcher

Blue Plate with Holes

Blue Runny Vase

Blue Shiny Vase

Blue Speckled Tray

Blue Stripped Vase with Stopper

Blue Textured Wall Hanger

Blue Vase with White Lines

Blue Whale with Green Eyes

Bottle with Mosaic Covering

Bottle with Shellacked Yarn Covering and B Monogram

Bowl with Blue and Green Decorated Lid

Bowl with Colored Dots

Bowl with Colorful Design Inside

Bowl with Dark Red Interior

Bowl with Greenish Blue Interior

Bowl with Inside Glaze

Bowl with Orange Specks

Bowl with Rope-Like Pattern

Bowl with White Drips


Box with Eye on Top

Boy with Two Dogs

Brass Toucan Shallow Dish (Ashtray?)

Brick House Box

Brown and Blue Pot

Brown and Tan Thing with Orange Eye

Brown Bowl with Spout

Brown Bust

Brown Ceramic Hot Dog

Brown Dog / Wolf

Brown Glass Paperweight

Brown Hippo

Brown Saturn Ornament

Brown Shape

Brown Striped Pot

Burnt-Looking Vase


Card Playing Shell People

Carved Tower with Suspended Ball

Carved Wooden Seal

Cat with Gold Spots

Cat with Sunglasses

CC Cup

Ceramic Acorn Holder

Ceramic Boat

Ceramic Duck Pot

Ceramic Face with Mixed Up Parts

Ceramic Man with Hands on Face

Ceramic Multicolored Mask

Ceramic Poodle with Red Ears

Ceramic Scene

Ceramic Wall Shelf

Ceramic Woman’s Head with Bangs

Charred Wood Elephant

Cheshire Cat Earring Tree

Chopped Baseball Bat

Clay Bowl with Lace Motif

Clay Bust with Asymmetrical Hair

Clay Computer

Clay Musician

Clay Necklace

Clay Smoker

Clear glass chick decanter

Clear Plastic Dog

Clear Plastic Mass

Clear Yellow Rabbit

Clothespin Note Holder

Clothespin Note Holder (Ironing Board Shape)

Clothespin Note Holder (Ironing Board Shape) II

Clothespin Note Holder with Brick-a-Brak Trim

Coil Bowl with Green Runny Glaze

Coil Box with Lid

Coil Plate of Many Colors

Coil Pot in Blue and Pink

Coil pot with Blue Drips

Coil Pot with Rainbow Colored Interior

Coil Tower Vase

Coil Vase with Alchemical Pattern

Colorful Sand in Glass Bottle

Cracking Woman Bust

Cream, Blue and Gold Dish



Cup with Braided Edge

Cup with “EE” Monogram

Cup with Wavy Lines


Dark Brown Duck

Dark Green Bowl

Decorative Urn with Gold Stopper

Dish with Bird and Blue Design

Dish with Floral Design

Dish with Man with Tail

Dish with Scraffito Mountain-Scape

Dish with Slit and Pattern

Dog Container

Dog Planter

Dog with Bendable Legs

Dolphin Handled Box

Double Acorn Candy Holder

Double Dish

Double Grey Coil Vase

Driftwood People Plaque

Driftwood Scene

Duck Candle

Duck Clothespin Note Holder

Duck Scissors Holder


Earthenware Koala

Egg Painted Like a Cow

Egg with Legs

Embossed Clay Box

ET Bust

ET Painted Ceramic Scene

Extra Large Coil Pot

Eyeball Compass


Face Carved in Wood

Fat Wolf

Female Thinker Statue

Fertility Hand

Fertility Hand (Beige)

Fertility Plate

Fish Spagetti Measurer

Five-Sided Dish with Colorful Inside

Flat Yellow Mouse

Flying Bird Clothespin Note Holder

Framed Mountain Goat on Fur

Furry Seals


Geometric Plate

Girl Vase

Girls Face on stick

Glass Diamond with Tree

Glass Dog

Glass Egg with Colored Flecks

Glass Peanut

Glazed Hand with Missing Fingers

Golden Knuckleballer

Golf Ball in Clear Cube

Grabbing Bear

Green and Brown Vase

Green and White Coil Vase

Green Ceramic Head

Green Ceramic Shape

Green Ceramic Tree

Green Ceramic Vase

Green Cow with Silver Basketball

Green Dinosaur Candle

Green Mound with Holes

Green Neptune Ornament

Green Plastic Bear Mother and Child Coin Bank

Green Sea Lettuce Like Ceramic Bowl

Green Twisted Vase

Green Wavy Dish

Grey Bowl with Yellow Interior

Grey Capricorn Ornament

Grey Coil Pot

Grey Dish with Blue and Black Flecks

Grey Panther with Bloody Mouth

Grey Pitcher

Grey Shape with Eyes


Hang Loose Shaka Hand

Hanging Brick of Peanuts


Harry’s Jug

Heart Shaped Box

Heavy Metal Flower

Hitchhiker hand

Hitchhiker hand (Beige)

Ho Chi Minh Wall Hanging

Hooded Wall Hanger

Horned Nose Creature


I Love You Plate

Intense Cat


Jar with Green and Yellow Design



Kodiac Bear


Large Bottle with Colorful Wire Decoration

Large Driftwood Bird / Seal

Large Eyed Owl

Leg Lighter

Lettuce Bowl with Lid

Log Hammer

Lounger with Metallic Glaze


Man on Horse with Cape

Man with a Crutch

Man with an Eye Patch

Man with Card

Man with Mustache Bust

Marbelized Container

Marbelized Dish

Marbelized Glass Pot

Marbelized Polished Rocks

Marbelized Vase

Melted Glass Dog

Metal Boar

Metal Giraffe

Metal Man with Bow and Arrow

Middle Finger Hand (Slanted)

Middle Finger Hand (Straight)

Miniature Woodshop

Miscellaneous Rocks

Monk Mug

Monogrammed Blue Pitcher

Mottled Blue Pot

Mounted Wooden Bison Head

Mouse with Peanuts

Mr. Potato Man Plate

Multicolored Alligator

Multicolored Cat

Mustache Face Vessel

Mustache Man Brush

Mustard and Ketchup Candles

Mustard and Ketchup Trick Bottles

Mustard Teapot

Mystery Plane Memo Holder


Nail Game

Nose Letter Holder with Flowers and Rhinestones

Number Four Boat

Nut and Felt Turkey

Nut Bird

Nut Salt Shaker


On the Rocks Cup

Orange and Blue Vase

Orange Coil Pot

Orange Pot with Blue Design

Orange Stone Globe

Owl on a Stump

Owl with Fake Plant

Owls on a Branch

Ozarks Salt Shaker


Paint Brush Paper Pad

Painted Bird on Driftwood Mount

Painted Duck Clothespin Note Holder

Peace Hand

Peace Hand, Butt and Legs on Mount

Peach Vase with Colored Design

Pennsylvania Dutch Rooster

Pink and Blue Bowl

Pink Cup and Blue Cup

Pink Hippopotamus

Pitcher with Blue Strip and Green Handle

Pitcher with Geometric Glaze

Plaster Thumb

Plastic Green Frog

Plastic Kangaroo on Wheels

Plate with Color Blocking

Plate with Red Man

Polished Jade Slab

Pouring Wine Tile

Problems Jar

Puffy Ceramic Basket

Purple and Yellow Die

Purple Bowl with Sharp Edges

Purple Hammer with Bats


Question Mark and Exclamation Mark


Rain Stick with Pink and Blue Scarf

Rain Stick with Scarf

Rainbow Coil Basket

Rainbow Coil Pot Vase

Red and White Mug

Red Bowl

Red Clay Devil

Red Coil Vase

Red Gold and Green Pot

Red Heart Bowl

Red Jupiter Ornament

Red Lips and Tongue

Red Plastic Mass

Red Smiley Faces

Red Strawberry Jar

Red Talking Soft Sculpture

Red Wavy Dish

Red Wood Heart

Ring Box with Birds on Top

Rock Alligator

Rock with Metal Decoration

Rope Covered Bottle

Round Beige Vase

Round Hearts and Checkerboard Box

Round Wooden Bowl

Rubber Ball with Sparkles Inside

Runny Black Pitcher


Salt and Pepper People

Sand Filled Bottle

Scaly Dish

Sea Shell Owl

Seated Plaster Baboon

Seated Wood Figure

Semi Petrified Wood

Sequined Animals on Felt Picture

Shallow Dish

Shaped Steel Hunk

Shell Covered Bottle

Shell Covered Rabbit

Shell Owl

Shellacked Rock with Cat Photo

Silver 1/3 Woman

Silver Gold Man Bust

Sitting Boy Pitcher with Pink Inside

Slumping Container

Small Blue Glazed Vessel

Small Bottle with Colorful Wire Decoration

Small Brown Plate

Small Carved Wooden Bird

Small Coil Pot with White Interior

Small Coil Vase

Small Dish with Blue Design

Small Green Cactus

Small Male Bust

Small Metal Bag

Small Orange Plate

Small Organic Vase

Small Owl

Small Peace Hand

Small Plastic Chest of Drawers

Small Red Barn

Small Round Brown Vase

Small Sheep Dog on Grass

Small Speckled Dish

Small Tiger

Small Vase with Metal Sheen

Small White Coil Pot

Small Wood Bunny Mule

Small Wooden Animals

Small Wooden Dog

Small Yellow Bowl

Small Yellow Tray

Small Yellow Vessel

Smiling Shell

Smiling Wood Animal

Smiling Wood Face

Snake in an Ashtray

Spagetti Measurer

Speckled Cup with Mustache Rim

Speckled Vase with Spout

Spotted Poodle

Spotted Watering Can

Stained Glass Cop Car

Stitched Grapes Trivet

Stone Man with Black Hair

Stone Man with White Hair

Stone Squirrel with Orange Eyes

Stoneware Cup with Ashtray Like Rim

Straw Elephant

Striped Ceramic Dog

Striped Wooden Mouse with Leather Ears

Stuffed Pink Rabbit

Swirled Plastic Egg


Tall Pitcher with Aerospace Collage

Textured Vase

Textured Wall Hanging / Shelf

Three Colorful Sand Bottle People

Three Finger Hand

Three Glass Globes

Three Part Bowl

Three sided bird

Three Sided Wooden Duck

Thrown Blue Bowl

Tiger Teapot with Tiger Lid

Tiny Top Hat

Triangular Dish with Line Decoration

Trick Cup with Eye

Troubles Puzzle

Turquoise Octopus

TV Napkin Holder / Vermont TV Guide Holder

TV Napkin Holder / Vermont TV Guide Holder II

Twisted Jar

Two Ceramic Ladies in Pastel Hats

Two Driftwoods

Two Furry Headers

Two Glass Globes

Two Metal Llamas

Two Wood Eggs

Two Wooden Mice with Small White Teeth


Uranus Ornament


Vase with Leave Pattern

Vase with Light Blue Drawing

Vase with Red and Yellow Decoration

Vase with Runny Green Glaze

Vase with S Designs

Vase with Wavy Opening and Yellow Decoration

Very Small Idea Barn

Vessel with Abstract Markings

Vessel with Carved Decorations

Vessel with Slit



Wavy Bowl with Green and White Glaze

Wavy Cup with Runny Glaze

Wavy Dish

Wavy Dish with Green Splashes

Wavy Plate with Colored Circles

White Abstract Bowl

White and Brown Jug with Stopper

White and Grey Cup and Saucer

White Bowl with Painted Tree

White Dog with Gold Trim

White Glass Egg

White Grid Plate

White Lamb Cotton Ball Holder

White Pot with Cobalt Design

White Rabbit

White Tooth Box

White Unicorn

White Vase with Blue Dots and Two Openings

White Vase with Brown Drips

White Vessel with Burnt Side

White Wave Bowl

White Wood Chunk

Winking Owl on Slate

Wire Sax Player

Wizard of Wax Tree Candle

Wolf in a Cup

Woman in Black Vest

Wood Bank with Charred Decoration

Wood Blocks Puzzle

Wood Burned Animal with Tail

Wood Lion

Wood Mail Box Stamp Holder

Wood Peace Hand

Wood Penguin

Wood Sandwich

Wooden Ballet Legs

Wooden Bird

Wooden Bird Memo Roll

Wooden Bird with Large Feet

Wooden Book

Wooden Bowl

Wooden Bowl with Circular Opening

Wooden Box

Wooden Bread Slice

Wooden Bull

Wooden Candlelight Amplifier

Wooden Cart

Wooden Chest with Jewels

Wooden Cow

Wooden Credit Card

Wooden Dish

Wooden Dog

Wooden Dog Face

Wooden Dog Face on Stand

Wooden Dog or Seal

Wooden Egg Cup

Wooden Egg Cup with Painted Decoration

Wooden Hang Loose Hand

Wooden Horse with Secret Container

Wooden Letter “K”

Wooden Man with Hat

Wooden Mirror

Wooden Morter

Wooden Mule with Black Tail

Wooden Organizer

Wooden Owl

Wooden Owl Puzzle

Wooden Piggy Bank

Wooden Pineapple with Holes

Wooden Puzzle

Wooden Rabbit and Carrot

Wooden Race Care

Wooden Sheltie

Wooden Shoe Horn

Wooden Shoe with

Wooden Triangle

Wooden Vase

Wooden Whale

Wooden Wolf Dog Cat Fox

Wooden Women


Yellow and Pink Thing with Red Eye

Yellow Basket with Green Decoration

Yellow Bear with Blue Eyes

Yellow Bird (Woodstock)

Yellow Capped Ceramic Mushroom

Yellow Ceramic Cheese

Yellow-Eyed Owl

Yellow Glass Egg

Yellow Marble Stop Sign Shape

Yellow Pot with Speckles

Yellow Spotted Duck

Yellowish Pig


Zebra Coming out of Egg